US Trotting

While the US is the home of the modern standardbred horse and a country with a long harness racing history, the modus of trotting is exceedingly unpopular in the United States. 80% to 90% of US harness races are conducted in pacing mode (meaning the horse uses a lateral stride rather than a diagonal one). Apparently the US bettors prefer the pacing horses because they are less likely to break stride and get disqualified from a race, meaning a better chance of getting a pay-off.

We have compiled a US Betting Guide for those punters out there interested in learning more about the world of online Trotting betting.

Every single standardbred horse on the US trotting and pacing scene can trace its heritage to a legendary sire by the name of Hambletonian 10. This horse, also referred to as 'The Daddy of 'em All', is the great-grandson of Messenger, a thoroughbred stallion imported into the US in 1788. US standardbreds are much coveted sires for Australasian and European breeders of harness race contenders. One of Australia's most prolific progenitors in the world of standardbreds was a Kentucky-foaled stallion named Childe Harold, who gave his seed to many a mare Down Under as well as his name to the famous Sydney harness race venue, Harold Park.

The most prestigious event in US trotting is without question the United States Trotting Triple Crown races. This series is made up of three major events: The Kentucky Futurity (currently held at The Red Mile in Lexington, Kentucky), the Yonkers Trot (held at Yonkers Raceway in Yonkers, New York) and the headline event of the Hambletonian - aptly named after the sire of all sires - which is currently run at Meadowlands Racetrack in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Established in 1955 and an annual event, the Trotting Triple Crown has thus far only had eight winners, meaning horses who won all three Triple Crown Events. Most recently Glidemaster took the title of Trotting Triple Crown Champion in 2006.

Although trotting is not the favoured mode of harness racing in the United States, the racing scene is amongst the most spectacular in the world. US trotting is celebrated with the same verve and enthusiasm Americans display when it comes to competitive sports. With renovated and improved tracks, combined with casinos and family entertainment into a kind of one-venue-fits-all destination for horse racing fans of all ages, US trotting events are always memorable and well worth to be checked out.